Council Activities

Council activities consist of:

  • Annual membership meeting
  • Quarterly and special meetings of the Board of Directors
  • Bi-weekly meetings of the Working Group
  • Regular meetings of Task Forces
  • Meetings with legislators and regulators on the federal and state level
  • Coordination with other organizations on specific topics of interest

ctivities consist of:


EFSC and SPeRS Drafting Committee members plan an update of the SPeRS Manual published in 2003

Letter from John Taggart, Chair of SPeRS Drafting Committee and EFSC Board member regarding SPeRS Version 2.0, November 29, 2006


EFSC annd LendingTree give testimony at FTC Workshop on Possible Anticompetitive Efforts to Restrict Competition on the Internet,

October 10, 2002


EFSC signs on to Letter to the President regarding the need for Federal Terrorism Risk Insurance Coverage, October 25, 2001

EFSC Comment Letter to Federal Banking Agencies on the Study of Banking Regulations Regarding the Online Delivery of Financial Services (August 31, 2001) including four attachments:

EFSC Letter to FTC, March 17, 2001

EFSC Letter to FTC, April 18, 2001

EFSC Letter to Federal Reserve Board, June 1, 2001

EFSC Testimony to Congress (Jeremiah S. Buckley), June 28, 2001

EFSC General Counsel Jeremiah Buckley Testifies to Congress on Encouraging the Use of Electronic Signatures in the Financial Services Industry. June 28, 2001.

EFSC Comment Letter to Federal Reserve Board on e-Delivery of Federally Mandated Disclosures, June 1, 2001.

EFSC Testifies at Senate Commerce Subcommittee on S. 630, April 26, 2001.

Comment Letter to FTC on ESIGN consumer consent process, March 16, 2001. Follow-up Comment Letter, April 18, 2001.